Summer City Fights

Warhost Games will be hosting a Cities of Death campaign this summer. Come join the fight and support your favorite faction, whether that's Imperium, Chaos, or Xenos. You can sign up for the campaign in-store, where we will keep track of your results. The campaign will be comprised of multiple two-week long missions to give everyone a chance to get in and play. As you play games and report your results, the story will be updated and you can earn special perks for your team. The rules are as follows:

Games will be held at one of three agreed upon point levels: 500, 1000, or 1500.

The power level of any unit can't exceed 11.

No more than two of any single data sheet, except for troops and dedicated transports.

500 point games allow for 1 detachment and 1 City Fight point

1000 point games allow for 2 detachments and 4 City Fight points

1500 point games allow for 3 detachments and 7 City Fight points

The City Fight points are spent on special stratagems before the game starts. These stratagems will be revealed soon.

All non-purchased buildings have 5 wounds per floor, including the ground and top floors. They have toughness 7 and a 4+ armor save. Melee attacks automatically hit buildings, but shooting attacks must still roll to hit. It should be noted that units a building that is being assaulted are not locked in combat. Buildings reduced to 0 wounds collapse. When the building collapses, roll a D6. On a 5+ any unit within 6" of the building suffers D3 mortal wounds. Then, a D6 is rolled for each model in the building. For each 1 you roll, a model is removed from the game. The building is then removed from the table and replaced with rubble (stones) that grant cover within their perimeter. 

As far as factions go, you may represent whichever one you wish, but your allegiance must be declared before you play your first game. You may play your games on any day of the week at Warhost Games, just be sure to report the result of the match (Win/Loss/Draw), the faction you played, and the point level of the game to one of the staff members. You can play as much or as little as you want throughout the course of the event. Feel free to use our Facebook page to find matches on the less busy days of the week. 

Before we close out this article, there are a few more special rules to cover. Grenades thrown at units inside of a building automatically get the maximum quantity of shots (D6 = 6 shots). When shooting at a unit in the same building but on a lower level, they do not get the benefit of cover. A unit can only be under the effect of one City Fight stratagem at a time. Building effects only benefit the play the paid for them. We hope everyone has fun with the campaign, and we are always open to ideas, suggestions, and feedback. Hope to see you all in-store soon. 



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